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Tree Services in Las Vegas, NV

Are you looking for a tree service in Las Vegas? Most areas have an abundance of tree services to choose from, but not all are licensed or insured. In the tree service business, if you the homeowner hires a company to cut down your tree and they cause damage to your property, your neighbors property or someone is injured, if they do not have insurance then you are liable for all damages. This is why the very first question you should ask a tree care provider is “Are you licensed and insured to operate in Las Vegas, Nevada?” If they say yes, then get a free quote. Most tree services will provide a free estimate before starting work.

Nevada Tree Service

Number: 702-433-4700

Address: 2062 Falcon Ridge St, Las Vegas, NV 89142

Website: nevadatree.com

Description: Tree Service for the Greater Las Vegas valley and surrounding areas. We’ll give you or honest opinion, and nothing less. If you have a question regarding anything tree related, please contact Nevada Tree Service!

Hours of Operation: 

  • Monday – Saturday : 6:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Sunday : Closed

Affordable Tree Service

Number: 702-837-5000

Address: 1955 Mimosa Cir, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Website: lvtreeservice.com

Description: Affordable Tree Service performs emergency tree service and storm cleanups safely and quickly! We have the proper heavy equipment including cranes, bucket trucks and the experience necessary to remove hazardous, fallen or uprooted trees.

Hours of Operation: 

  • Monday – Friday : 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Saturday : 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Sunday : Closed

Vegas Best Tree Services

Number: 702-541-1222

Address: 10524 Pine Glen Ave # 201, Las Vegas, NV 89144

Website: lasvegasbesttreeservice.com

Description: For both business and homeowners in the Las Vegas area, we offer safe, professional, expert tree services unparalleled by any other tree company in the area. We pride ourselves on delivering superior service that goes above and beyond in the shortest time frame. We are a team of hardworking, dedicated tree professionals who genuinely love what we do.

Hours of Operation: 

  • Monday – Saturday : 6:30 am – 10:30 pm
  • Sunday : Closed

Total Tree Removal

Number: 702-612-8498


Website: totaltreeremovalnv.com

Description: When you are in need of a tree company that can provide you with licensed tree and shrub care services in Clark County, you can trust our professional staff to take excellent care and provide you with the quality work you need at an affordable price.

Hours of Operation: 

  • Open 24 Hours

Noble Tree Service Inc.

Number: 702-361-2931

Address: 5967 Harrison Dr #2, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Website: nobletree.net

Description: Since 1998, Noble Tree Service has been providing complete tree service as well as custom landscape remodeling, installation and repairs to residential and commercial customers in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained crews are licensed, bonded and insured to provide the best service and expertise to solve your tree, landscape, and irrigation problems.

Hours of Operation: 

  • Monday – Saturday : 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday : Closed

Average Cost Of Tree Removal In Las Vegas

There is always a large range in cost to remove a tree. It all depends on size, location on your property, the type of tree and if permits need to be pulled. Well rated tree services who have been around for years should know the local laws regarding tree removal permits.

The average cost to remove a tree in Las Vegas can range from $500-$2000. If you are in an area that has large oak trees or very tall pine trees, they can cost upwards of $3,000. Be sure you get at least three quotes and go with the company that has the best reviews online.

The Average Cost of Stump Removal in Las Vegas, NV

Removing stumps is a time consuming job. Most tree services will only remove a stump if it is part of a larger tree take down. If you are calling to get one stump removed then make sure you find a company that does just stumps. You will be wasting your time calling tree services looking to get rid of one stump. Some companies might do this job if there are multiple stumps to grind.

Just like removing a tree, stump removal cost in Las Vegas can range from $150-$300. It all depends on the size of the stump. When you get quotes for this job, most are done by measuring the circumference, which then gives an estimated time to grind it down. Keep in mind that most will only grind the stump to about 1 inch underneath the ground.

What Does It Cost To Trim Trees In Las Vegas

Trimming a tree in Las Vegas can range from $250-$600. When you get a bid on tree trimming, the cost is dependent on the size of the tree and how overgrown it is. If the tree hasn’t been trimmed in many years then it will take more time. The price you pay should also include discarding the debris. Many tree services will have their own chipper, the machine that grinds up the branches into wood chips. Some companies will let you keep these chips, while others will donate them to local parks.